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  • region of Šalčininkai , Jašiūnai distr., Paupis village.
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  • +37065025771
  • +37068526644
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  • poilsispaupyje@gmail.com


The homestead is just 5 km. distance from the road Vilnius-Šalčininkai. You must take the Lyda‘s road till the small town of Jašiūnai if going from Vilnius (35 km). You must take the first turn to the right in Jašiūnai, just before the petrol station, and pass through the town, going towards Pirčiupiai. Keep going by the main road untill You cross the railway, and turn to the left , when You see the pointer to Gerviškės. After You turn to the left, You will enter the Šližiūnai village, and cross the bridge over the Merkys river. Take a turn to the right at the pointer „ Paupis 0,5“ ( about 100 meters after the bridge). Keep going about 300 meters by the gravelled road, then- up to the hill, and turn right just after the white brick-built, two-storey house (follow the arrows „Paupis.lt“!). Then – first turn to the left , then- down the hill, about 200 meters, and,- You are welcome to Paupis homestead!
The journey from Vilnius will take You about 45 minutes.

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